A Trip To The Birchbox Pop-Up Shop

Last Friday after a work event in Central London, the lovely Stefan from the blog HOWSTE and I took a trip down to the Birchbox pop-up shop on Carnaby Street. I have been a Birchbox subscriber since February and I absolutely love it so I was very excited to pop in. The store is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly into the aesthetic design of Carnaby Street. Now obviously if you go into the store, you can make your own Birchbox. The cost to create your own box was £15 but as I am a subscriber, I got 15% off so I only paid £12.75 which I believe is around the normal cost of box each month including the postage. Even so, for £15 - I would say it's a pretty good deal.

Birchbox Pop Up - Life Of A Beauty Nerd

Five Favourites: November

Although there are still 11 days left of November so it is a little early to be doing a favourites post. I have been loving using some products recently and I will definitely continue to use them for the rest of the month so I thought I might as well post this piece now. I have had most of these products for a while now or they are a repurchased product. Like in my other Five Favourites posts, some of these products have featured in other posts so I'll try not to be too repetitive whilst still informing those who might not have seen these products before.

Five Favourites November: Life Of A Beauty Nerd

Taming The Brows

Strong eyebrows have been a trend in the make-up world for quite a while now but it hasn't been one that I have always embraced. Mainly because I had them already. I was blessed with thick and long eyebrows thanks to my granddad. As I already had the eyebrows, I never really bothered to do much with them as I did not want them to look too intense caterpillars on my face. Since the age of 16, I have put in more effort into my eyebrows - when I got them waxed for the first time, I felt like a different person. Whilst I still don't go for full out drawn brows, I like to keep them looking tidy especially as the hairs are quite long. These are the products that I am loving to help tame the caterpillars. 


Getting The Glow... Hopefully

Highlighting has always been the area of make-up that I have struggled to get right. I would see so many YouTube beauty guys and gals look absolutely fabulous with cheeks on fleek, and I just could not get the same effect. Over the years, I think highlighter formulations have improved as the popularity for it grew especially in the drugstore and I think that has really helped me out. Now I am still no way near the level of professional make-up artists or influencers, but my highlight is looking much better then it used to and I really think it is down to the products. So if you are a fellow highlight newbie, check out the rest of this post for some recommendations.

Getting The Glow..Hopefully - Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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